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team building experience

Raft Building

Apart from the fun and excitement had when designing, building, launching and finally racing your teams pride and joy. Rafting is great for building on an individual’s strength, skill and stamina. Whatever age!


The challenge of building a raft and paddling madly as a team brings people together - Making for a fantastic team building exercise.

Each team is issued with an identical set of raft building equipment, which includes barrels, ropes and poles.

The teams can be offered guidance on the construction from our instructors, or why not make it the ultimate team building experience and let them design their own vessel. 

When the design and build is complete, teams are ready......lets race!


Just incase the rafts are a little bit rickerty and don't quite make it back to shore. Our safety teams are always afloat to pluck out the unfortunate!

Raft building experience
team building
confidence building
group activity
raft race
raising self-esteem
Raft building and racing
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